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Savour a perfect Christmas pairing as Sino Hotels present tantalising turkey menus with whisky-flavoured desserts

Discover the allure of the delectable selection in festive buffet menus and with up to 30% early bird discount  

Hong Kong, 16 October 2015 - Two of the season’s most traditional ingredients grace the buffet tables at Sino Hotels this Christmas. Succulent roast turkey takes a star turn at the centre of menus, appearing in classic recipes as well as exciting new creations, followed by desserts flavoured with the famous “water-of-life”, whisky.

Chefs at Sino Hotels craft the classic turkey roasts as well as more innovative recipes with their culinary expertise. From the traditional roast served with cranberry and house-made stuffing at the Hong Kong Gold Coast hotel to an Asian-inspired five-spice marinated recipe at the Island Pacific Hotel, this is a Christmas to satisfy your appetite.

The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers
Global flavours mix with a taste of tradition at Café on the PARK’s ‘Merry Gourmets Go Around’ celebration. The Christmas Turkey with Glutinous Rice is roasted for hours until its skin is golden brown, and stuffed with traditional glutinous rice perfumed with turkey stock and mixed with air-dried Chinese bacon (lap yuk), Chinese sausage (lap cheong) and chestnuts.

Café on the PARK is also serving a hearty British-style Christmas Pudding accompanied with a decadent whisky cream and vanilla sauce, as well a twist on the classic Scottish dessert Cranachan. Chef’s nouveau version blends toasted oats and walnuts with rich Scotch-spiked whipped cream in keeping with the festive theme.

Those making early bird bookings can enjoy up to 30% off the full price, and bookings of 15 people or more will enjoy further privileges, including complimentary buffet vouchers and selected wines. Festive dinner buffets start from HKD578 (Café on the PARK),
New Year’s Eve Set Dinner & Countdown Party at Pierside Bar & Restaurant from HKD1288.

City Garden Hotel
Garden Café at City Garden Hotel brings two slow-cooked turkey options to its buffet menu. The first is cooked with carrots, celery, onions and garlic and benefits from a gentle sprinkling of cumin for an added peppery bite. The second sees creamy Gruyère cheese layered between the turkey meat and skin, and cooked until melted and oozing. Diners can enjoy the meats served with a home-made turkey gravy and lashings of red cranberry sauce.

For dessert, a decadent Valrhona Chocolate and Whisky Tart brings together the world famous French chocolatier with its 70% dark chocolate and Glenfiddich 12 years old scotch to impress every chocolate and whisky connoisseurs.

Festive dinner buffets start from $498, diners can enjoy a 20% special discount on bookings with 30% deposit settled on or before 11 December.

Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel

Garlic, pineapple and chef’s secret sauce make up a tangy tropical marinate in tune with the lush green surroundings of the hotel. The glaze imparts a subtle sweetness and keeps the meat tender while skin is baked to a snappy gold. A delicious house-made stuffing of chicken liver, chestnuts, herbs and spices accompanies the dish, along with generous dollops of cranberry sauce and all the trimmings, including brussels sprouts and buttered carrots, take this traditional feast to perfection.

Four delectable whisky-imbued desserts add a satisfying finale to the feast. In the British favourite classic Christmas Pudding, raisins and figs soak up rum and whisky for over a month and are then mixed, plump and juicy, with dried nuts, eggs, sugar and whisky for an indulgent, warming treat. At Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel it is served with a creamy vanilla sauce, and is best enjoyed with a tot of Scotch.

Another highlight is the Whisky Cheesecake, in which the spirit is combined with lemon zest, cream cheese and sugar, and spreads an unmistakable aroma across the palate.

Festive dinner buffet start from HKD568. Guests can enjoy a 10% early bird discount on festive buffets for bookings with full payment on or before 14 December.

A refreshing escape from urban Hong Kong and just 35 minutes from Central, the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel is a welcoming seaside oasis ideal for a relaxing Christmas break.

Island Pacific Hotel

Overlooking the twinkling Christmas lights along the Victoria Harbour, Island Pacific Hotel diners can savour turkey prepared in two innovative ways, both to be served at the carvery during dinner buffet. For the roast turkey cooked in a tangy lemon herb cream, it is marinated for 24 hours in rock salt, garlic, rosemary, lemon, onion and black pepper to soften the meat and permeate a gentle aroma, before being roasted with decadent cream and butter, a rich yet refreshing balance and a delightfully modern take on the traditional roast.

A ‘Chinese-style Five-Spice Roast Turkey’ brings one of the most well-known and loved Chinese spice combinations to the festive table. A rub of aromatic star anise, cloves, Chinese cinnamon, Sichuan pepper and fennel seeds tops the turkey and is marinated for two full days with fresh ginger and spring onion, before being browned to perfection. The showy dish pairs the tender meat with a full-flavoured oriental coating for a real East-meets-West fusion.

A selection of gorgeous whisky desserts follows, to be served a la carte. In Christmas Fantasy, German black beer is combined with eggs and butter for a malty cupcake topped with homemade whisky cream. For those seeking a lighter bite, we suggest the airy yoghurt cake with Scotch malt, topped with fresh fruit and creamy low-fat yogurt.

An early bird discount of 15% off on festive buffets is available for bookings made with full payment on or before 12 December 2015. Festive dinner buffets start from HKD428.

All prices listed above are subject to a 10% service charge.

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Café on the PARK
Christmas Turkey with Glutinous Rice



Café on the PARK
Toasted Oat and Walnut Whisky Trifle


Garden Café
Slow-cooked Turkey with Molten Cheese


Garden Café
Valrhona Whisky Chocolate Tart


Cafe Lagoon / The Atrium Lobby Lounge 
Baked Turkey with Cranberry Sauce


Cafe Lagoon / The Atrium Lobby Lounge 
Christmas Pudding with Whisky Vanilla Sauce


IP Café   
Chinese-style Five-Spice Roast Turkey


IP Café 
Christmas Fantasy

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